Frequently Asked Questions....

How do I sign up for classes?

 Current members simply access their Parent Portal to register for classes.  New members can click on the Register Here button to get started or by attending an Open House.  Classes will fill on a first come first serve basis.  September tuition and the Yearly Registration fee are due at time of enrollment for the Fall Session.

How much will it cost?

Prices are listed on the Registration Tab.  Registration fees are non-refundable (not charged for summer).  If for any reason your child decides they are not interested in the class we will refund your tuition within the first two weeks.  All recital fees will be discussed upon Fall registration.  Trilogy currently accepts Check and Cash in office or by using a Visa or Mastercard online through your own Parent Portal.  Trilogy will be adding an automatic payment system Fall 2021!!!

What does my child need for class?

Dance- form fitting body wear such as leotard, booty shorts, crop top with form fitting leggings, capri that covers knees, and/or tights.  Appropriate shoes required and discussed upon enrollment of where and how to order them.  Hair must be back, no jewelry (except stud earrings).

Tumbling/Gymnastics- leotard, may have shorts.  No shoes, socks, or tights.  Hair must be back, no jewelry (except stud earrings).

Cheer- form fitting athletic wear, clean tennis or cheer shoes.  Hair must be back, no jewelry (exception stud earrings).

Why can't I see my child's competition group schedule?

This information is listed under the Competition Zone Tab.  This is a code protected page of it's own since they are not open for the public to register for or follow the same time line as recreational classes.