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 Summer 2024

At Trilogy we offer recreational and competitive gymnastics. In gymnastics, students will practice on all 4 apparatuses.  This includes the floor exercise, balance beams, uneven bars, and vault. Trilogy also offers a class for those little tots needing movement with a parent before transitioning into the Tiny classes beginning at age 3. Please note all the classes below are recreational non-competitive classes only and students must meet skill requirements to be placed in upper levels.

Gymnastics Attire:  leotard is preferred.  Shorts are optional.  Please ensure your clothing is form fitting and does not pertain items that could scratch or damage equipment.  No socks, shoes, or tights.  Hair must be secured back and no jewelry (exception: stud earrings).

Preschool Gymnastics Program

A majority of Preschool Classes will be held in the Adventure Gym where it was designed as a smaller area with more downsized equipment to help keep them safe and focused.

Little Munchkins 

This class is just FUN for little ones with a parent!  The Adventure Gym will be set up for babies and toddlers to go explore with different equipment, lots of colors, shapes, props, and songs.  Our goal is just to get these little ones physically active and learning about things around them.  A parent (only 1 due to the size of our space) is required to participate at all times but it's a great way to meet other parents of little tikes.  Be prepared to be silly and explore!  Students will move to Tiny Gymnastics without a parent at the age of 3.  (Little Munchkins do not participate in our end of season Showcase)


Tiny Gymnastics 3-5 year old

Floor, Vault, Bars, Beam, and Trampoline skills and fun will be the focus of this class while working on independence and learning how to be part of an educational physical environment.  This will include use of themes, props, circuits, stations, and more.


Kinder Gymnastics 5-7year old

Floor, Vault, Bars, Beam, and Trampoline skills and fun will be the focus of this class while working more on technique and strength than in Tiny Gym.  Goal of this class is to work on the same curriculum as the Beginner Gymnastics class so students are ready to excel to the next level in the Progressive Gymnastics Program designed for students 1st grade and up. These classes will also include the use of themes, props, circuits, stations, and more.

Recreational Progressive Gymnastics Program

This program is designed for students going into 1st grade or above and is based on skill level for Floor, Vault, Bars, Beam, and Trampoline.  Gymnasts will be evaluated during set weeks of the year to work on their Achievement Charts. These charts are comprised of a list of skills students must accomplish correctly and consistently to move to the next level. After completing all skills on a single event a ribbon will be sent home and upon receiving a 4 ribbons you will be contacted by a Trilogy staff member to move classes.  This is recreational only and not for competitions.  Gymnasts learn through a variety of techniques including groups, circuits, stations, games, using different mats and props, and more!  



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