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   Summer 2024 Tumbling

Tumbling classes are available for students entering 1st grade and up.  They are skill based so as soon as they have the required skills a Trilogy staff  member will notify you of switching classes.

These classes are for recreational use only and focus on both tumbling sets of skills used for both cheerleading and gymnastics.  

*Trilogy Cheerleaders include Tumbling within your practice times, these classes are in addition working on a larger variety of skills.

Tumbling Program (1st grade and up)

Classes use Floor, Trampoline, and a variety of mats to work on skills, drills, strength, coordination, and flexibility through skill development.  This program is recreational only with no competitions.

Beginner Tumbling 

Works on the fundamentals of tumbling and trampoline skills.

Intermediate Tumbling

Must have: back bend to stand, handstand, round-off, back walkover, front walkover

This class begins focusing more on power tumbling skills such as back and front handsprings.

Advanced Tumbling

Must have: standing and round-off back handspring on the floor

Advanced Tumbling moves onto multiple back handsprings and no handed tricks included back tucks and aerials.

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