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Acro & Tumbling

Tumbling Classes:  These classes work on floor tumbling only.  Students must be in 1st grade or above and are broken up into skill level.  They will work basics and skill level tricks, trampoline, a variety of mats, flexibility exercises, and strength training.  Students will be moved upon skill accomplishment per instructor.  

Fall/School Year Tumbling Classes

These classes will focus on just the floor exercise and tools that will help in those skills.  They do not participate in recital however, we have an end of season Celebration of Stars Show here at our gym.  Ages are required as of the start of class Some levels have pre-requistes skill students must meet per the teacher to enter and will be moved accordingly.



4:30-5:30    Advanced Tumbling (1st grade & up) FULL



4:45-5:30    Beginner Tumbling (1st grade & up)

5:30-6:15    Intermediate Tumbling (1st grade & up)

6:15-7:15     Advanced Tumbling (1st grade & up)

7:15-8:15    Advanced Tumbling (1st grade & up)

Acro Class: This includes acrobatic tricks individually, in pairs, and in groups.  Also basic tumbling, flexibility, and conditioning will be a main focus.  Acro students participate in the end of year recital in June.

Fall/School Year Acro Class

This class will focus on flexibility, strength, tumbling, partner stunts, group stunts, and a routine for the recital.  We stop accepting new students after November as we begin to prepare for our show.



7:30-8:15    Rec. Acro (1st grade & up)