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Calendar 2021

Only pertains to Competitive Dance Company

Only pertains to Competitive Gymnastics Team

Only pertains to Competitive Cheer Squads

November Calendar

25th (Th)  Trilogy Closed for Thanksgiving

28th  (Su)   Cheer Practice

30th (T)   Dance Recital Costume Payments Due


December Calendar

1st (W)    Icicle Challenge Gymnastics Meet Fees Due Level 1, 4-5

2nd (Th)  Cheer Fever Competition Fees Due

2nd (Th)  Fly Dance Competition Fees Due

2nd (Th)  Spotlight Competition Fees Due

3-5           Barron Invitational Gymnastics Meet Level 2-5

11th (S)    Christmas Show for Sparklers and Dancers

15th (W)   Hershey Classic Gymnastic Meet Fee Due  Level 1-5

22nd (W)-Jan 2nd  Closed for the Holidays (resume Jan 3rd)


Please see Registration tab on how to sign up!
Office Hours 
Monday-Thursday 4:30-8:30


Happy 5 Years!


 Lobby & Covid Procedures

Students Must Wear Mask Entering, Exiting, and While in Lobby.  Masks are optional while participating in class.


  • 1 Healthy Spectator per Family.  No lap sitting siblings please.  Only exception is siblings whose classes overlap may remain in the building.

  • Everyone in the lobby must wear a mask over mouth and nose throughout the entire time.

  • No food or drink is allowed.

  • Spectators must remain in bleacher area and are asked not to stand in front of windows obstructing others views.

  • Please keep noise and other distractions to a minimum for our athletes safety as well as ongoing business operations.

  • Do not open the gym doors, knock on windows, or touch walls.

  • Students are required to sanitize hands coming in and out of classes, also sometimes during class.

  • Anyone displaying ill like symptoms is not allowed to be in the building or will be required to leave.

  • If someone in your household is ill or you have been exposed to Covid please do not attend classes and follow local health department's guidance.

  • If your child is Covid positive please contact the office so we can take action if needed for our staff and students.


Thank you!