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Calendar 2020


Trilogy closed through 5th

6th    Phase 3 Classes Begin 

17th-19th  Symposium Dance Nationals in Branson

21st & 23rd  Cheer Parent Meetings

22nd     Tumble Clinic

23rd    Dance Company Auditions

25th   Cheer Tryouts Second Round


7th-9th  Fly Dance Competition

8th     Priority School Year Enrollment

14th    Phase 3 Classes End

15th   Open House & Registration


3rd     School Year Classes Begin

Please call or email for Registration Info.

Office Hours 

Lobby is temporarily closed due to social distancing guidelines please message.

Registration & Insurance Fee as well as first month of tuition is due upon enrollment.  

Trilogy Phase 3

July 6th-August 14th


Phase 3 Plan

*  Certain classes will open for enrollment with very limited space and limited teachers (attached).  No Parent & Tot  classes will open at this time as it is harder to maintain social distancing and teaching from a distance as well as limited equipment to use.  Tiny classes will have a reduced max capacity as well.


*Students must sign up through the parent portal for the new classes even if enrolled in Phase 2.  Payment must be received to officially be enrolled and begin classes. Competitive Gymnastics and Cheer groups are not listed on the public schedule.  Those you received through us already.


*  All payments should be made through the parent portal to limit paper exchange and are non-refundable.  As you register through the parent portal you will be required to sign a new amended waiver included release of illness liabilty.  If you must pay in cash or check please send it in a labeled envelope with your student. 


*  Students are not allowed to be in class if they are displaying any kind of sick symptoms or a member of their household is ill.  If there is a case of something you are sure of such as allergies that display symptoms that would make a head turn please notify.  I have severe seasonal allergies that include many symptoms however, I have these every season, check my temperature several times a day, and have not experienced anything out of the normal for me.  However, if I cough in public it will cause alarm so please know this is why we need to know about these things as well as inform you of instructors in these situations as they are not allowed in the building if they display illness symptoms or members of their household are ill.  Any students displaying any symptoms of illness will be sent home right away.


*Students temperatures will be taken upon entering the building. 


*  Students are not allowed to wait in the lobby if they have time between classes so must be picked up on time.  There are lines on the floor students wait to have temp taken and allowed into class.


*  All students will enter the lobby door under white banner and after a temp check go directly into class (not to be dropped off early).  We ask students to stand on blue tape markers to keep them distanced as they wait their turn to be checked and enter class.  Students must also be picked up from the designated area on time.  Dance will exit out back door by studio orange cones.  Tumblers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders will be released through side staff door under purple banner.  Students must be on time (not more than 2 minutes early or late) as we are trying to avoid crossing too many students in close proximity at the same time as well as have limited staff to be available to assist late comers and departures.


*There will be no concessions sold at this time.  No food allowed in the gym/studios or lobby.  Please send labeled water bottle with your student.


*  Garage and doors will be open as much as possible to allow for fresh air and lighting if possible.


*  The entire building will be sanitized at the end of each day as well as spot cleaned between groups.


*  Students must come in their class attire as we are trying to limit the amount of bathroom useage in hopes to contain germs better.  We also ask students use the restroom before coming to keep bathroom trips to a minimum.


*Make sure your student has all their appropriate supplies for class including hair pony tail and water as well as shoes for dance or cheer and chalk for gymnasts.  We do not have these to supply at the gym at this time.


*Spotting will be lightly provided during Phase 3.  Instructors will wear masks while spotting and sanitize frequently.


*Cheerleaders will be stunting again beginning in Phase 3 and will be frequently sanitizing or washing hands.


*Gymnasts must continue using their own chalk in their own containers.


*Lobby Spectators

Spectating is discouraged at this time as we work to maintain social distancing, however, if you would like to view class in the gym we require the following. 

1. Only 1 parent per family will be allowed to be in the lobby.  No siblings or additional guests at this time. 

2. We ask that you consider viewing classes in small portions.  Team members who come twice a week are limited to only viewing on one day per week. Tiny and Kinder class parents will have priority in the lobby.

3. Parent temperatures will be taken upon entering.  Any parent with a temperature of 100.0 degrees or more will not be allowed to stay in the building.

4. Parents will be required to wear masks while in the building.

5. Absolutely no food is allowed in the lobby and no concessions will be sold.

6. There will be very limited black chairs distanced in the lobby.  Parents must stay away from blue lines and doorways our students are entering and waiting on.  All other spectators will be required to stand.

7.  Spectators must maintain at least 4 feet from other parents and all students in the building.

8.  Dance studio cameras will not be on at this time.

9. Any spectators who are distracting, being disrespectful, or not following the above requirements will be removed from the building for the remainder of the session.

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