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Calendar 2021

Only pertains to Competitive Dance Company

Only pertains to Competitive Gymnastics Team

Only pertains to Competitive Cheer Squads

Calendar Reminders 

October 31st (T)        Closed for a Happy Halloween

November 2nd (Th)   Sedalia Cheer Comp Fees Due

November 5th (Su)    AAU Judge's Evaluation Meet for Gymnasts

November 6th-9th      Evaluations for Tumbling & Rec. Gymnastics Classes

November 6th (M)      Office Closed, Miss Kim Out

November 8th (W)     Barron Achievement Fees Due

November 13th (M)    Leah Out/Chloe & Katie sub, Sophie Out/Bren Sub, Andrea Out/Meredith Sub

November 14th (T)     Sophie Out

November 15th (W)    Sophie Out, Leah Out/Chloe Sub, Andrea Out/Teagan Sub

November 16th (Th)    Sophie Out, Leah Out/Haley Sub

November 19th (Su)   Spirits Invitational Gymnastics Meet Level 4-5

November 21st (T)     Last day to turn in cash/check or drop December tuition

November 22nd (W)   CLOSED

November 23rd (Th)   CLOSED Happy Thanksgiving

November 24th (F)     Open Gym

November 25th (S)     Auto-Draft runs for December

November 27th (M)     Happy Birthday Miss Kim

November 29th (W)     Icicle Challenge & Semo Gymnastics Meets Fees Due


Please see Registration tab on how to sign up!
Office Hours 
Monday-Thursday 4:30-8:30 (generally)





  • The lobby will open 5 minutes prior to the beginning of class.  Students may not be dropped off more than 5 minutes early.

  • We ask families to limit observers to no more than 2 as there is limited seating capacity.

  • Spectators must remain in bleacher area and are asked not to stand in front of windows obstructing others views.

  • Please keep noise and other distractions to a minimum for our athletes safety as well as ongoing business operations.

  • Do not open the gym doors, knock on windows, or touch walls.

  • Anyone displaying ill like symptoms is not allowed to be in the building or will be required to leave.

  • If someone in your household is ill or you have been exposed to Covid please do not attend classes and follow local health department's guidance.

  • Siblings must remain in the bleacher area and may not run around the lobby or be left unattended.

  • Carpeted Corner is only for students before, after, or in between classes only.  Sorry no adults, siblings, extra guests allowed.


Thank you!

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