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Calendar 2020


March Calendar

4th  Cathy Roe Dance Competition Fees Due

4th  Barron Championships Due

5th  AAU Districts Meet Fees Due

6th  Makeup Classes

7th  Company Dress Rehearsal

18th  Bravo Dance Competition Fees Due

19-21  BTS Dance Competition

20th  State Fair Classic Cheer Competition

26-28  Midwest Starz Dance Competition

Please see Registration tab on how to sign up!

Office Hours 

Begins September 3rd

Monday-Thursday 4:30-8:30

Registration & Insurance Fee as well as first month of tuition is due upon enrollment.  

Trilogy Covid-19 Safety Measures and Rules


*  Please note as we are continuously updated from the health department, schools, CDC, and so on our measures and rules will also be updated and changed at any time. 

*  Classes sizes will be limited.


*  All payments possible should be made through the parent portal to limit paper exchange and are non-refundable.  As you register through the parent portal you will be required to sign a new amended waiver included release of illness liability.  If you must pay in cash or check please send it in a labeled envelope with your student. 


*  Students are not allowed to be in class if they are displaying any kind of sick symptoms or a member of their household is ill.  If a student is displaying unwell symptoms while at Trilogy he/she will be sent home as a precaution.


*Students temperatures will be taken upon entering the building.  Any student over 100.0 degrees will not be allowed to stay.

* Hand sanitizer will be used coming in and out of building as well as several times during practices.


*  Students are not allowed to wait in the lobby if they have time between classes exceeding a few minutes so must be picked up on time.  There are lines on the floor students wait to have temp taken and allowed into class.


*  All students will enter the lobby door under white banner and after a temp check go directly into class (not to be dropped off early).  We ask students to stand on blue tape markers to keep them distanced as they wait their turn to be checked and enter class.  Students must also be picked up from under the purple banner.   Students must be on time (not more than 2 minutes early or late) as we are trying to avoid crossing too many students in close proximity at the same time as well as have limited staff to be available to assist late comers and departures.


*There will be no concessions sold other than water.  No food allowed in the gym/studios or lobby.  Please send labeled water bottle or money for water with your student.


*  Garage and doors will be open as much as possible to allow for fresh air and lighting if possible.


*  The entire building will be sanitized at the end of each day as well as spot cleaned between groups.


*  Students must come in their class attire as we are trying to limit the amount of bathroom usage in hopes to contain germs better.  We also ask students use the restroom before coming to keep bathroom trips to a minimum.


*Make sure your student has all their appropriate supplies for class including hair pony tail and water as well as shoes for dance or cheer and chalk for gymnasts.  We do not have these to supply at the gym at this time.


*Spotting will be provided when necessary.  Instructors will wear masks while spotting and sanitize frequently.  Cheerleaders will only be allowed to stunt with mask and proper waiver on file.


*Gymnasts must continue using their own chalk in their own containers.

*Staff members are also screened and not allowed in the building or at events if displaying any symptoms as well.  Therefore a sub maybe provided or classes may need to be rescheduled to better ensure everyone's safety.


*Lobby Spectators

Lobby is currently closed to spectators at this time.

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